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   Walk The Line Pug Ranch Is A Private Family Of Hobby Pure Breed Pug Breeders & Caretakers, Pug Therapy Dog Trainers, Private Pug Rescue, & Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage Preservationists... We Are Located Throughout Central New York State In Schenectady County, Broome County, & St. Lawrence County, At Our "Walk The Line" Dedicated Private Family Homes... We Invite All True Pug Enthusiasts To Please Spend Some Time Browsing Throughout The Rest Of Our Pug Breed Informational, Health Care Informational & Entertainment Web Site... Please Start The Utube Below For Your Entertainment, If You Wish... Then Scroll Down To Read A Brief Introduction "About Us"



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    Walk The Line, began as a life long passion of one individuals love for animals, that has turned into an (13) year private families journey involving (4) human generations of vehement commitment & dedication to Pug Genetics Research, Pug Health Care, Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage preservation, and the dedicated Hobby Practice of Pure Breed Pug Breeding & Pug Therapy Dog Training in order to provide exemplary healthy quality Pugs to deserving loving Pug families as Companions &/or Therapy Dogs. 

     Specifically, our day to day endeavors are to persevere in our very dedicated efforts, towards the preservation, enhancement, and  promotion of the Pug Breed Standard and to simultaneously protect the Pug Breed's Original Ancient Chinese Heritage to the best of our abilities. 

     DragonMaster, our Pug Dedicated Families retired founder of Walk The Line, and (30) year private NYS Corporate Business owner, was forced into early retirement due to disability a few years ago. During the later years while continuing to downsize the Business Corporation, DragonMaster began to develop Walk The Line as a part time hobby. While due to failing health, he was ironically afforded the ability to dedicate more and more time towards his life long passion of studying Veterinary Medicine, Animal health care and DNA research of, most predominately the Pure Breed Pug Species. Predicating all of this, while re-visiting South East Asia, back in the year 1999, DragonMaster re-visited a long time Chinese Family friend, Sheng Li, whom has an Dongwu Dami Nonchang, (animal and rice farm) along the Minjiang River in the Sichuan Province, whom DragonMaster has known for almost (40) years now. Specifically DragonMaster returned to China in order to recuperate his health while re-visiting his long time Chinese friends, but also to fulfill his long time desire to return to China and once again be amongst Sheng Li's Pugs, as they exist in a habitat similar to Ancient Chinese Culture. DragonMaster's Chinese friends raise Pugs that carry Ancient Chinese bloodlines, for the purpose of adopting them to the more wealthy Chinese families, as Companion Lap Dogs. Long story short is that DragonMaster acquired a silver fawn female Pug "Queen Ali Girl Athena", and an apricot fawn male Pug "King Rock Agamemnon", as life long Companions from his Chinese friends, and brought the Pugs back to the US upon his return in 1999.....


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[Our Original Apricot Fawn Male Bloodline From China, Rock Just Turned 14 on April 14, 2016.... GO ROCK!!!}


......... After the two Pugs came to be about three years of age, DragonMaster decided to mate the pair and experience having a litter of Pugs with them... That is how it all began... After the first litter was raised and compared studies undertaken of the Pug Breed here in the US, DragonMaster realized that the Pug Breed here in the US was in great need of a dedicated responsible breeder's attempts to rebuild the Original Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage... Once begun & soon realizing that it was also something that had a great emotional reward, DragonMaster decided to also endeavor into the studies of Pure Breed Pug DNA, Pug Anatomy research, and Pug Health Care, in order to properly prepare for the practice of Hobby Pug Breeding... Realizing the potential life and death consequence and responsibilities of this type of Hobby, DragonMaster also trained in Veterinary medicine as a technical assistant at Penn Foster University... DragonMaster then slowly began to grow his family of Pugs very selectively & carefully, with the assistance of starting to bring in some of his private retired and high school aged family members as private volunteers, to assist with the overall Pug Health Care Research and Breeding Hobby...

 ...DragonMaster's time was still unfortunately dedicated to his Corporate Business and livelihood... Over the course, DragonMaster continued to research, learn, and practice the Pug Health Care and Breeding Hobby as time allowed, with the ongoing assistance of his private families, while also continuing to operate the Corporate Business... All the while a strong dedication to proper Pure Breed Pug Breeding, and the  preservation of the Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage has always been the primary concern... Taking that into consideration, DragonMaster with the assistance of his Pug Breeding friend Sheng Li over in China, began to extrapolate on & further develop a very unique Ancient Chinese Practiced "Pug Breeding Method"... They determined that in order for this Method to produce the healthiest of Pugs as generations were to throw forward, that the original DNA bloodlines would have to begin with four proven to be extremely healthy Pure Breed Pug bloodlines of completely different ancestry... After working with several Northeastern US Pug Breeders, discussing their experience, their Pugs various Heritages, their AKC Pedigrees, etc., finally the  2nd, 3rd, & 4th proven to be genetically healthy Pure Breed Pug bloodlines were decided... Two separate Black AKC Pure Breed Pug bloodlines were brought in from two reputable Upstate NY Pug Breeders, & a White AKC Pure Breed Pug bloodline was brought in from a reputable Pug Breeder in Ohio... These three new bloodlines added to King Rock's & Queen Ali's Fawn bloodline from China, created the four total bloodlines that were necessary to begin the planned "Breeding Method"... This Method is a unique combination of a third, fourth, and fifth Generation "Line Breeding Method" carefully combined at the appropriate times with a very selective mix of an "Out Crossed Breeding Method" between our Chinese & Two American Pug bloodlines... This method if practiced by properly recognizing each generations positive DNA traits, matching them going forward, while simultaneously recognizing the undesirable DNA traits & discarding them going forward, has been proved by Sheng Li's family in China for many generations, to have the best % rates of controlling & "Throwing" the more desired positive Pure Breed Pug Heritage traits, as well as the best % rates of controlling & eliminating the more non desirable Pug Heritage frailties... Hence this is how the Walk The Line Pure Breed Pug "Breeding Method" began which is still practiced today... For a more detailed dissertation on the subject of Walk The Line's Breeding Practice, please see the browser tab above, "Pugs Of Distinction". 

... Finally several years ago DragonMaster's Corporate Business life came to it's conclusion for various reasons, primarily DragonMaster's worsening health disability... After a long recuperation period, DragonMaster is now able to again function to a certain capacity behind the scenes, enough to assist the family to continue with the ongoing passion of Walk The Line... Hence the Walk The Line family now continues to vehemently thrust forward on a day to day basis, attempting to fulfill the original mission of preserving the Original Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage...  

... Walk The Lines Endeavor in the Pug World, is to continue to:





{Our Original Silver Fawn Female Bloodline From China, Ali Girl also just turned 14 on June 14, 2016.... GO ALI GIRL!!!}








Our Original Black Male AKC Bloodline

                        From Upstate, NY.