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I have started to write my testimonial five times now and each time I have another level of appreciation to add. I have now decided that I must get something in print to share with others who are looking for a reliable source to adopt a pug. It has been a remarkable and unique experience working with the Walk The Line family. They have been an invaluable resource in all things "Pug" - a wealth of information and knowledge that they so patiently and generously shared well before there was even a commitment to purchase a pug. I began my conversation with WTL looking for a healthy companion for my "rescue" pug who has many challenges. My little guy is riddled with all of the traits so typical in the majority of pugs who are bred indiscriminately. I am so excited that I have found a breeder who is solely focused on passing on only the positive attributes to this incredible breed of dog. Because of my experience and relationship with Walk The Line, I will most likely adopt two new Pugs!


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Pug Puppy Pre-Adoption Program


Walk The Line's Pug Puppy Pre-adoption Program located directly below the Utube, is specifically an extremely nice  program that is unparalleled & specifically designed for those potential Pug Adoptive Families (especially with children), that want to be a part of their Pugs life as early on as possible, from birth and even prior...../ Our program provides for the pre-adoption of a guaranteed Healthy Quality Properly PureBred Pug Puppy (via a mutually fair & legal adoption contract). The Adoptive Parents involvement can begin even as in the early stages of Walk The Line's selection of one of our Exemplary Healthy, Properly Mentally & Physically Prepared, & Most Positive Selected DNA Matched Breeding Pairs, all the way up until the litter reaches (9-10) weeks old, which is the minimum potential actual Pug Puppy take home adoption age...../ 

Thank You!


For A Detailed Description Of Our Pug Adolescent & Adult Adoption Program, Please Click The Link Below: 
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  Here under, please find Walk The Line Pug Ranch's well provided for Pug Puppy Pre-Adoption Itinerary... Our Pug Puppy Pre-Adoption Application & Contract process from once you seek us out & until Adoption Contract approval, normally takes about (3-5 days)... So this being said, if you are late for a last minute gift or anxious to grab onto any Pug that is out there as soon as possible based on "sticker price" alone, Respectfully you have come to the wrong place! For a complete dissertation on our Standard Pug Puppy Pre-Adoption Package, all of the Standard Items that are included and also the Optional Items that can be added, please scroll up and click on the browser tab "Adoption Pkge"...

   Our Pug Adoption fees are in general very reasonably competitive compared with equivalent status Pug Breeders, especially considering that most are simply on occasion inexperienced & uneducated back yard "Pug Sellers"... They are Not Reputable Breeders that work vehemently 24/7 in many various efforts to support & enhance the Pug Breed..! Even very few other "Pug Breeders" actually practice by the responsible methods by which WTL practices, nor do they have the background skills, Pug health care experience, dedication, etc. that is required in order to provide Healthy Quality & Properly Bred Immune Sufficient Pugs...  

   We want all our Pug Adoptive Parents to be well educated with the Pug Breed, & aware of all of the proper responsibilities that are involved in being a responsible Pug Adoptive Parent. We also want you to be comfortably satisfied with your Walk The Line Pug Breeders proper responsible practices, & General Pug Breed experience, so please take advantage of browsing our Comprehensive Pug Health Care Orientated Web Site & then afterwards feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like.  This being said, before you just purchase a Pug, whether it be from WTL or from any other source, please perform the proper diligence & most certainly do not base your decision on sticker price alone..! Walk The Line is passionately dedicated to all that we do in the Pug World & foremost is our responsible practices of Breeding for Healthy Quality & Immune Sufficient PureBreed Pugs, NOT Quantity! Our Post Adoption Support, Free Pug Health Care advice, etc. is never ending...

  As is standard practice in all that we do, our Pug Adoption Itinerary is well provided for with the focus being on mostly what is best for our Pugs Health & Welfare, starting now through to the Adoption fruition & hopefully for many years then after... We must first of all select a proper good family home through our application process that we feel confident will provide for a "Healthy & Happy Pug Environment"... Once that has been accomplished, a Pug Adoption Contract is entered into, a tentative Pug Adoption date/time/place is established, & then things get under way...








                              PUG PUPPY ADOPTION ITINERARY;

1) We are searched out by whatever means that you found us, AKC Web Site, our  WTL Pug Breeder Web Site, Another Pug Breeder Web Site that we are a Member of, etc. Then we are contacted by you...

2) We initially respond via email or telephone, whichever is most appropriate, (normally email). Then we have a brief initial share of information session with each other in order to mutually establish potential grounds to move forward...

3) If after that you are seriously interested in pursuing a potential Pug Puppy Adoption with us, you are then directed to please go to our web site: http://www.walkthelinepugranch.org                                                                                                                                                              

Go to the browser tab "Adoption Apply" Please read, fill out, & submit the Pug Adoption Application form within, which is kept strictly private & confidential...This provides us with all of the information that we require in order that we can potentially educatively orchestrate with you a case specific mutually satisfactory & "Happy Pug Adoption" which in turn benefits us all & mostly our Pug Puppy...

4) Normally within 24 hours after we receive your Pug Adoption Application:  

    A) WTL does a preliminary review of the information provided in order to make an initial determination as to whether or not WTL can either currently provide now, or potentially provide in the future, a Pug Puppy that fits properly into all of your criteria.

     B) Secondly WTL also does a preliminary review of your overall habitat, life style, various references, etc. in order to determine if there are any immediate stand out reasons as to whether or not a WTL Pug Puppy cannot be adopted into the situation.

WTL may or may not then email you some brief questions, and once answered we would then notify you via email of our initial determinations. Assuming that both are positive then you would proceed to the next step.  

5) There is now also due an initial $100 application processing fee which we hold temporarily throughout the application process... The application fee is submitted right on our web site under the browser tab labeled "Pug Pay", safely & securely via a direct link through Pay Pal by use of any major credit card...This processing fee is 100% completely refundable to you within (24-48) hours via Pay Pal in its entirety, should we disapprove of your application for whatever reason, other than you having provided us with fraudulent information and/or you voluntarily withdrawing your application for whatever reason, once we have engaged in our very time consuming diligence of processing your information... If your application is approved, then this application fee is NOT refundable for any other reason/s whatsoever, (including WTL having to terminate your contract down the road if necessary, "Due To Cause")... This $100 App fee is now retained in order to compensate WTL for all of the admin time we have already spent on your application processing, correspondence, etc...

6) Next we would enter into a mutually fair & legal Pug Pre-Adoption agreement with each other, and your initial $100 application fee is applied 100% directly towards your Pug Puppy adoption costs... Our process includes us doing sometimes up to several hours of diligence in verifying your information and contacting all of your appropriate references, this process normally is completed within (3-5) business days barring any delays in contacting your references &/or otherwise clarifying the information which you had originally provided us... We are unfortunately forced to hold this fee due to the fact that we are extremely busy (being owners of a small private farm which not only includes standard farm operations, but also includes our various Pug operations as well as our various Mini Horse operations)... Unfortunately there are many frivolous, dishonest, and irresponsible folks out there who submit our Pug Puppy adoption application without serious intent or means, change their minds in mid stream, intentionally withhold certain pertinent information, or intentionally provide us with fraudulent information, which in turn costs us a lot of valuable time wasted in processing the information provided us...

This being said, if you do intentionally withhold certain pertinent information or provide us with fraudulent information which we verify, or if your adoption application or interests in moving forward are voluntarily withdrawn for any reason including buyers remorse after we have begun processing your application, then your initial $100 or $200 deposit is forfeited towards our administrative expense, and there will be no refund...

*** Please note: Any/all of the information that you have provided us in your Pug Puppy Adoption Application will be used in us making our final determinations regarding your application approval/disapproval... Once our determinations have been made based on that information any/all changes that are in Particularly related to "Adoption Contract Options",  must be mutually agreed to and an overall re-evaluation of our original adoption approval will be reconsidered... If changes are requested after the application information has gone to contract, Walk The Line will make any contract changes, terminations, approvals, disapproval's, etc. as is governed under the contract and what we feel is in the best future interests or our Pug... If there has been no "harm done" or any costs incurred, a full or partial contract deposit refund will be fairly considered upon request, otherwise the full contract deposits to date and as are further described in the contract will be retained by us for damages or any other costs as is associated with the above... Thank you!

7) If at the time of application you have already seen a specific "already whelped puppy" on our web site or by other means that you are already quite sure that you are serious of adopting, then it is highly recommended that you also place a (Puppy Hold) security deposit on the pup... This deposit is $100 which in turn places a particular Pug pup on priority hold specifically for you, while we are processing your application... If your application is approved then the (Puppy Hold) deposit is applied 100% directly towards your Pug Puppy adoption contract fees and it is not refundable... If for whatever reason (other than what we consider to be a legitimate grievance) you withdraw your interests in pursuing a puppy adoption once we have placed a specific puppy on hold for you & engaged in processing your adoption application, the puppy hold fee is not refundable since the puppy was specifically held back from any other potential adoption alternatives while on hold for you... If for whatever reason/s other than you having buyers remorse for whatever unacceptable reason, or us discovering that you have intentionally withheld certain pertinent information, or you have provided us fraudulent information, and as a result we cannot justly approve your application, then again the deposit is returned to you within (24-48) hours via Pay Pal in its entirety...This (Puppy Hold) deposit is also made securely directly through our web site under the browser tab "Pug Pay", via a direct link through Pay Pal by use of any major credit card... We have an excellent reputation as a small private PureBreed Pug Breeder and once our Pups are advertised & released for either pre-adoption or adoption, they are normally contracted as fast as we can diligently work through the applications... We cannot otherwise hold any specific Pug Puppy for anyone without a (Puppy Hold) security deposit... Security holds that are placed on any specific pup are strictly applied first come first serve...  

8) Once we have received your Pug Puppy adoption application and the application deposit, we then begin our diligence in processing your information provided... We may or may not contact you in order to mutually discuss your information in whatever detail that may be necessary... We may or may not contact any or all of the references that you have provided us, in order to discuss appropriately related things with them that are pertinent to us making a reasonable and fair decision regarding your application...

9) Once our diligence has been completed in processing your application, we then notify you of our decision and we either proceed forward towards a Pug Puppy adoption or pre-adoption contract agreement, or in the case of an adoption application disapproval we do not proceed accordingly... Any/all application deposits and/or (Puppy Hold) deposits are then dispersed as described above...

10) Then, assuming that we are going forward towards adoption contract and you have not already picked out a Pug Puppy as described above, we discuss Walk The Line's Various Case Specific Appropriate Puppies that are available for your adoption, (or will be made available after whelping), post pics on our web site for your consideration if necessary, take whatever additional time is necessary discussing anything & everything to do with Pugs: IE:, Their proper selection to your personal environment, their proper future Health Care requirements, the proper financial, emotional, and home preparations that you must consider, the various Adoption Fees, etc etc. etc...

11) Finally if you are now prepared to, via the conclusion of our Pug Puppy criteria discussions, and by having viewed the case specific Puppies under the "Pug Gallery" tab on our web site, you make a Pug Puppy selection. (if you haven't already done so). 

*** / If at this point there still remains a struggle in making your specific Pug Puppy selection by previous means, There is now an option only on our Adolescent (16 weeks to 3 years/old) or Adult Pugs, (not puppys) if mutually agreed to, for making a site visit to Walk The Line's Private Farm. This is only after having thoroughly read & accepted the terms & conditions described in detail under the "Visitations" tab on our Web Site & signing a release of liability waiver / ***

Then you would also decide what other (if any) of the Adoption Package Options that you would want included in your Adoption... These are all posted on our web site under the browser tab "Adoption Pkge", about half way down the page under the ADOPTION PACKAGE OPTIONS SECTION... We then also establish a mutually workable & tentative Adoption day/place/time, which all depends on your proximity & preference, our schedule, and the pups overall preparedness, weaning completion, vaccinations, de-wormings, etc.... All adoptions scheduled within one hour of your Pug Puppys WTL location are free of any additional delivery fees... Each additional mile is charged at a rate of $.75... A total Adoption Package fee is then calculated & mutually agreed to... 


* PUPPY HOLD* - Please scroll to the bottom of this page for the options and guidelines in regards to "Puppy Holding"

12) Next if a $100 Puppy Hold Deposit was not already placed as described in #6 above on an already born puppy, or if your adoption contract is towards a yet unborn puppy, then a 2nd Non Refundable $100 Pug Adoption Contract Deposit (which goes towards your initial Pug Adoption package total fees) must be made again via Pay Pal, totaling your contract deposits to date at $200...

13) MANDATORY WTL PROPRIETARY PUG HEALTH CARE GUIDE: At this stage of the process, once your Pug adoption has been approved, we then subsequently prepare your Pug Pre-Adoption or Pug Adoption contract documents, Health Guarantees, Proprietary Walk The Line Pug Health Care Guide, etc. (case specific)...  The Docs are emailed to you via PDF file and also printed out hard copy, put into a nice binder, & sent to you via US priority mail...This binder consists of your adoption contract docs which are drawn mutually fair and legal binding, your Pugs case specific Vetting records, inoculation & de-worm protocols, feed/water instructions, pre-adoption & post adoption Pug Health Care preparations and guidelines, etc. and a very comprehensive General Pug Health Care Guide of information that WTL has studied, experienced, learned, etc. while working with the Pug Breed among ourselves and along side our many various hired licensed Veterinarians, Vet Techs., various other Trained Vetting Industry Sources, since the year "2000"... This Pug Health Care Guide which currently consists of appx. (150 pages), we provide in order to best ensure that our Pug Adoptive Parents are learned and properly prepared for your Pug adoption and afterwards life long care... There is a mandatory $75.00 one time fee (due now) for the guide which is a stand alone fee and is not included as a part of the Pug Adoption Pkge Fee... This fee is not refundable for ANY reason whatsoever... 

14) Once you receive all of the contract docs, you have (24-48) hours to review and approve them... Should you not approve of the documents or the adoption contract other than for substantial legitimate reason/s, even after discussion with WTL within the appropriate time schedule, then any/all application and/or pup deposits are now also completely 100% non-refundable... At this point of the engagement, we have most likely already spent a considerable amount of time working with you and processing your adoption application information and any Pug Pup that we may have put on hold for specifically you, most likely could have been adopted to another qualifying home...The adoption process is then now halted and we part ways... Presuming that you do approve of the adoption documents as everyone always has, then of course we proceed forward... 

***/ In the case of a pre-whelping pre-adoption contract: If your specific requested 'Pug Criteria" puppy is not born (example, you want a female and only males are born) you then would have the option to wait for the next litter and then choose a Pug of similar criteria or opt of your pre-adoption contract via engaging in a mutually fair & legal "Contract Termination Agreement"... If you accept the termination agreement which is time sensitive, within 48 hours of notice then all deposits are refundable except the $100 application fee deposit and the $75 WTL Proprietary Pug Health Care Guide fee which are not refundable now since your original application was approved (as stated above), for any reason... If you do not accept the termination agreement within 48 hours of notice, then the "Contract Termination Agreement" offer will be rescinded and all dealings & deposits will revert back to the legal terms as are stated within the standard WTL original Pug Adoption Contract Agreement...

*** / In the case of a post-whelping pre-adoption contract: In  the unlikely event that anything should ever happen to your selected Pug Pup between the pre-adoption contract date and the actual adoption/possession date, then you would have the options of choosing from another similar description already been born Pug, wait for the next litter and then choose a Pug of similar description as is described in greater detail under the Pug Puppy Adoption, Ownership Transfer Agreement, or opt of your pre-adoption contract via engaging in a "Contract Termination Agreement"... If you accept the termination agreement which is time sensitive, within 48 hours of notice then all deposits are refundable except the $100 application fee deposit and the $75 WTL Proprietary Pug Health Care Guide fee which are not refundable now since your original application was approved (as stated above), for any reason... If you do not accept the termination agreement within 48 hours of notice, then the "Contract Termination Agreement" offer will be rescinded and all dealings & deposits will revert back to the legal terms as are stated within the standard WTL original Pug Adoption Contract Agreement...

15) You then again go to our web site:  http://www.walkthelinepugranch.org/ and go to the browser tab "Pug Pay" & place any additional deposits that may be possibly due... Now once your pup is born & picked out (normally 3-5 days after birth) a 2nd deposit is due in the amount of $200. A third deposit at 4 weeks of age in whatever amount would bring your total adoption contract deposits to date to the total of 50% of the Pug Pups base adoption fee...../ Another interim payment is normally due at a later date prior to the adoption transfer date, in order to cover any adoption package options that you may have chosen such as the home puppy care package, etc...../ The final 50% of the base adoption fee contract balance would be due at anytime prior to the actual adoption/possession date via Pay Pal, or at the actual adoption in cash only...../ The choice of the two payment options is up to your discretion...../  The deposit fees are all once again placed right on our site under the browser tab "Pug Pay" through the mutual security & convenience of Pay Pal, by use of any major credit card... Your deposit & guaranteed satisfactory Pug Adoption are secured by Pay Pal... 

16) Also included in all of our Pug Puppy Adoptions is the provision of a free lifetime membership to our forever expanding very Comprehensive Pug Health Care, Pug Educational, & Entertaining Web Site as well as our free 24/7 monitored Pug Health Care Assistance & Medical Research line...../    

We then ask you to join our web site, membership is free... Now as an "Adoptive Parent" having been invited to join our web site & after having done so, you are given access to the security protected browser tabs on our web site, these are the Pug Health & Safety tabs that are encased in [brackets]... We then direct you to these tabs & other various locations on the site that will provide you with all of the information that is necessary in order for you to properly prepare yourselves & your home for a successful Healthy & Happy Pug Puppy introduction into your family home (including the preparedness of choosing & ordering your Pug Chow)...

17)  Optionally once a pre-adopt pup has been whelped, we set up a pic/video gallery of your Pug Pup/s on our web site which you can view 24/7/365...../ The gallery is initially opened with pics/videos of the Dam & the Sire, & then updated once your pup is born on a regular basis, normally about once a week & we always include pics of special occasions such as: eyes first open, first walk, first milk/water, first food, etc...../

18) We now then proceed with our standard diligence of properly caring for the litter, nursing the litter every feeding with mom, weaning the litter when prepared, providing all appropriate inoculations, de-worms, & any other Vet care as is necessary, and in general properly preparing our/your Puppy for his/her Adoption as already further described above in the introduction... All/any optional procedures such ads micro chipping, etc. are normally performed (3-5) days prior to the actual adoption date in order to be properly monitored prior to adoption release... WTL and the Adoptive Parent/s stay in Communication all along the way as is requested or required by either party on out to the final adoption preparations...

19) Finally all adoption dates, payments, preparations, travel arrangements, etc., are finalized on both of our ends and we both proceed to the the Adoption according to the plans that have been mutually established... You have the option of paying your final Pug Puppy Adoption balance either at any time in advance through Pay Pal, or at the actual Pug Puppy Adoption in cash... There are no other options!

20) We meet, you examine your Pug Puppy to your satisfaction, (remember it's Health is already guaranteed in the Adoption Contracts that you have already received), we have a Pug Puppy Health Care dissertation, etc. etc. etc.

21) The hard copies of all of the Pug Puppy final draft adoption documents are mutually finalized, endorsed, & dispersed... Cole, our retired Pug expert or another Pug educated WTL representative would attend the adoption and provide a Pug Health Care dissertation and question/answer session as is case specifically required... A case specific condensed version of our web site Pug Health Care Information is provided by us as a guide... This also contains all of the case specific whelping information, Vetting records, vaccination records, de-worm & parasite prevention records, etc...  The Pug Puppy from this point forward has now officially transferred ownership from WTL to you as the New Pug Adoptive Owner/s, and all of the responsibilities that are associated with it accordingly... 

22) From this point forward throughout your Pugs life, we or our already established future family successors & our Comprehensive Pug Health Informational Web Site, will be there for you & our/your Pug Puppy for any assistance, guidance, free Health Care advice, etc. etc. etc. that you request... Please also note that as a "Responsible Breeder" we ask that at any time in the future & for whatever reason that you may become unable to care or provide for the Pug, PLEASE contact us first if you do not already have another properly qualified Pug Caretaker... 


 During the progression of this whole process, you are of course encouraged to contact us at anytime with any questions or concerns at: [email protected] ...../ &/or also take advantage of any benefits provided by reading our web site: http://www.walkthelinepugranch.org/ ...../ Post Adoption, your web site   Membership & our 24/7 monitored Pug Health Care advice line are lifetime free... In addition to all of the above pre-adoption procedures, all the rest of the adoption process details are provided in the actual Pug Adoption Contract & Health Guarantees themselves...

This concludes Our Pug Puppy Adoption Itinerary.

Should you have any additional questions please let us



Thank You!

Walk The Line Pug Ranch


 DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that due to the high priority of our 24/7 Animal Care Responsibilities, The often urgent nature of our Various Daily Correspondence's, many other Daily Higher Livelihood Priorities of what we do, administration duties are of a lessor priority and are often delayed... This said, we try our best 24/7 to abide by all of the above administration timelines... However if delays are incurred, please be patient and rest assured that any delays are absolutely unavoidable and are most likely because we are doing our dedicated duty of taking care of Animals, perhaps Your Animal!!! Our Communications lines also remain open 24/7 to ease any of your concerns...



  You can be best assured by our (13 years) well learned experience, that we will provide a healthy quality Pure Breed Pug Puppy, which has been exceptionally well bred & provided the very best of Vet & General Health Care, Canine Nutrition, Shelter, Socialism with both Pugs & Humans (adults & children), etc. etc. etc...../ We take great pride in being the home of "The Pugs Of Distinction" & The Original Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage Preservationists...../ Our Dedication to "Responsible Pug Breeding" & to Pug Anatomy Studies, Pure Breed Quality, Breeding Method, and always providing the utmost of Vet Care, is unparalleled among any comparable Pug Breeders...../ In support of the above, we offer a (5) year Health Guarantee on all of our Pug Puppys...../ We also maintain an impeccable reputation of over (16) years of Pug experience...../ We (or our family successors) will always be there for the life of our/your Pug in order to support you however that we are able, especially in the areas concerning Pug Health & General Care, Nutrition, Anatomy, any potential onset of illness or disease Diagnosis, Prognosis, & best Treatment Advice/Assistance, etc. etc. etc...../


Throughout the whole breeding, whelping, post whelping, & weaning stages we provide the utmost in preventative & necessary care for the Dam and the litter...../ The Dam always gets a minimum of one pre-breeding & one pre-whelping Vet exam (additional if necessary), & she always gets a minimum of one post-whelping Vet exam including a safety x-ray exam (additional if necessary)...../ As is standard, the pups are Vet examined (including first puppy shot - {DAPPv} at appx. 8 weeks...../ In certain cases,   earlier exams and/or shots are administered as is necessary...../ We try to keep the pups away from the Vets at early ages in order to prevent contracting anything from there...../ The most deadly of "puppy killer viruses" Parvovirus can be picked up from infected Canine saliva, urine, feces, & it is even airborne and can be picked up from direct contact on human shoes & clothing.....! All of our pups that remain with us for whatever reason (after 8 weeks of age) get their 2nd puppy shot at 12 weeks and the last at one year from date of whelping...../ Our regimen after that (recommended by many of our Veterinary advisors including Cornell University) is at three years from whelping & then every 3 years then after for life...../ NYS Rabies inoculations are administered by one of our licensed Veterinarians at the ages of 4 months old, 16 months from whelping, 52 months from whelping, and then every 3 years then after for life...../ We also during this whole early stages of life & weaning process, adamantly do not allow any non care-taking Humans and absolutely no other Animals to have any contact with our puppies, or our Dams, or our Dam/Puppy Nursery room...../ No one other than our Pug caretaker family members are ever allowed in the Nursery, nor can anyone else ever handle any of our puppies while they are still being cared for in the Nursery...../ This standard applies to all of our puppies up until they are at least (12-16) weeks of age at the conclusion of their puppy shots...../ The reasoning behind this is simply for disease prevention of our fragile young pups that are not yet fully inoculated & also in order to eliminate any unnecessary stress or disruption on the Dams and/or the puppies while they are within our "Kids Gloves" Nursery environment...../ Our Nursery is actually treated very much like a Hospital ICU and is also under 24/7/365 care & surveillance...../ The Dam is also kept apart from any other Pugs & Animals while in the Nursery, during later pregnancy through final weaning of the litter and all the way up until after (60-90) days post whelping in order to prevent any damage or rupture to the extremely fragile post whelping Dam's Uterus...../ The Dam even has her own private segregated indoor & very sheltered semi heated outside potty/exercise area...../ Adoptive Parents are allowed to visit us at anytime allowing for the above conditions and the policies that are described in detail under the above web site browser tab labeled "Visitations"...../  

In preparation for your Pug Puppy Adoption please visit the following browser tabs on our web site:

~Adoption Package~     ~Adoption Itinerary~     ~Visitations~    

[Adoption Prep]     [Pug Chow]     [Pug Care]  

[Potty Train]     [Health & More]    













Puppy Hold Policy


Puppy Hold: All Of Our litters have a Tentative final adoption release date from birth, which is what we post on our web site as well as what we provide our pre-adoptive parents in pre-adoption contractual commitments? This is all based mostly on birth weight, minimum of a 4 # adoption departure weight, completion duration of the weaning process, completion of all standard Vetting procedures, weather forecast for adoption trip travel purposes, etc? The minimum age that we will release a litter for take home adoption is (63 days or 9 weeks post whelping)... Normally by the 6th week of age we can make a final determination as to whether this date is practical or whether it may have to be postponed, for how long, & for what reason... Once we do actually Finalize an adoption release date, (which for mutual convenience will normally be on a weekend), it will be posted on our web site and all contracted adoptive parents will be notified in order that adoption pick ups can be arranged? Standard procedure is that if we are able to announce the final adoption release date at least (7) days in advance, then there would be a (3) day grace period?  If we cannot provide the final adoption release date at least (7) days in advance for whatever reason, then there would be a (7) day grace period? Hence, either way there is a (10) day period that the PAO has in order to make all necessary adoption pick up arrangements? Should the PAO not manage the adoption pick up by this date for whatever unacceptable reason, then the ownership & boarding responsibilities of the pup will now be that of the PAO and any remaining balance that is due under the original adoption agreement must be remitted via Pay Pal within (24) hours? Should Walk The Line And the PAO  mutually agree to an alternative date (case specific, and obviously unexpected short term emergencies are acceptable), then the new agreed to date will govern? If a new adoption date cannot be mutually agreed to then the original Final adoption release dates as described above will stand?

From this point forward, due to the liability that WTL is now under to care for the PAO?S Pup and all of the associated costs of general & health care, food, bedding, laundry, socialism, labor, etc? Walk The Line charges a $20 per day fee for this service. Included is our complete 24/7 constantly & safely monitored care, Taste Of The Wild Age Appropriate Chow, fresh water of course, weather monitored daily exercise & socialism, private bed/crate area which is always kept properly clean, on premise Very well trained General Pug Health Care & well learned private Veterinary care, etc... In the event of a Veterinary Emergency, WTL will act in whatever fashion that we feel is necessary in order to get the Pug to a case appropriate Veterinary Medical Center ASAP, which is of course based on the nature of the emergency... The Pug owners will be responsible for reimbursing WTL for the emergency Vetting fee within (24-48) hours after occurance... Any ongoing Vetting fees shall be the responsibility of the owner to handle directly with the Vetting Center that is involved or at your own Vetting Center, case specific... All above such accumulated boarding costs must be made sometime prior to the actual adoption date via Pay Pal or on the actual adoption pick up date via cash?

Walk The Line will also hold a Pug pup for a reasonable amount of predetermined time after the litters scheduled final adoption release date, in order to best enable the new Adoptive Parents to be properly prepared for the Pugs arrival... Examples are: home renovations, vacations, surprise Pug present special arrival date, transportation problems, time for scheduling off of work, weather, etc... The associated liability & boarding costs will be the same as are described above?

 Walk The Line has our own very well learned & privately practiced non licensed basic Veterinary care on premise at most all times. We we can only provide this our own Pugs or PAO?S contracted for Pugs that are still boarding with us as a courtesy, for free of charge, with no consequence of any potential resulting liability to WTL whatsoever? A large portion of our Farmstead indoors & outdoors environment has been specifically & appropriately well built & safe as a proper Pug safe well socialized environment, however accidents can & still do happen! 




Please note that from the adoption date/place/time going forward that you are now the sole responsible owner/s of your newly adopted Pug Puppy… But also please remember that Walk The Line Pug Ranch will always be there for the life of our/your new Pug in order to assist you in any free Pug Health care assistance, guidance, information as we are best able to provide, which we feel is in the Pugs best interests… We strongly recommend that you contact us at any time 24/7/365, post adoption for any free Pug Health care advice, assistance, questions, etc. in regards to our/your new Pug. We are also familiar with many Licensed Veterinary practices throughout the North East that we can refer you to should your Pug require any Emergency and/or long term Veterinary assistance...

   WTL has been Studying Pug Genetics & General Veterinary Health Care, Providing Our Own Pugs General & Veterinary Pug Health Care, (in addition to our own privately hired NYS Licensed Veterinarians), Breeding, Whelping, Training, Private Pug Rescue, & otherwise working with most any/all General Pug beneficial practices in all aspects as we have been able to provide in order to benefit the “Pug Breed” for (14) years…

   Please also remember that as we have already recommended in all of our previous various correspondence, to always now & in the future look to our comprehensive Pug Health Care Orientated Web Site as an invaluable source of Pug General Health Care & Beneficial Information… We are constantly adding to, expanding, and upgrading this information content as future beneficial changes arise… Pay particular attention to the following web site browser tabs: “Adoption Prep” , “Pug Care” , “Potty Train” , “Pug Chow” & “Health & More”…

                                                                                   NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME MISTER!