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During This World Wide Coronavirus Epidemic
Learn How To Protect Your family, Your Self & Your Animals

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To Especially All Our Health Care Workers, Govt Officials, Govt Agencies, Transportation, Law Enforcement, Military, Businesses, Farmers, American Workers, American People, Etc...

USA, "We Can Be Heroes"
WTL For Convenience To Our Pug Members & Inquirers Has Assembled Hereunder A Brief List Of COVID-19 Web Links, Particularly To The CDC & Also A Few Others Specifically Related To Dog Information In Order To Help Make Aware The Current Conditions & Guidelines As Are Recommended By "The Experts" In Regards To The Potential Adoption Of A New Companion Dog &/Or The Care Of An Existing Companion Dog

Being A Responsible Breeder, WTL Is Also Active In The Private Pug Dog Rescue World As Precious Time & Our Own Private Funding Allows... We Have Witnessed & Heard Several Occasion & Responded To Certain Incidences Of Folks Abandoning Their Companion Animals & Worse, Out Of Fear Of Contracting The COVID-19 &/Or Fear Of Providing Adequate Food Rations

Take Heed To The CDC & Other "Health Care Industry Experts" Up To Date Prevention Recommendations & Protocols
Flooding The Already Over Burdened Animal Rescue's Is NOT The Answer, Be Responsible!!!

WTL Has Also Taken In A Few Additional "Corona Panic Pug Animal Forfeitures" Due To Peoples Undue COVID-19 Panic... The Pugs We have taken In Are Typically 4 Years Old & Up And Generally In Good Health... Their Basic Health Care Needs Varied On An Individual Basis Ranging From Such Minimal Things As Grooming, Basic De-Worming, Dental Maintenance, On Up To Some More Potential Long Term Or Serious Health Conditions, Etc... None Of The Potential Long Term Conditions Which We Are Having Analyzed Are Acute Or Urgent, WTL Has Taken Care Of All The Other Basic Health Care Needs For The Time Being & Will Continue To Do So As Any  May Become Necessary...

Please Contact Us NOW Via Email Only
Regarding Applying Towards One Of These Pugs Which We Will Be In Need Of Re-homing As Soon As They Are Readied & Things Are More Practical Under The Current Corona Human Social Safety Measures... 
                                                                                (Thank you Tch Cole, Doc John & Doc Eric for your help, always)

WTL Is Not An (501) Tax Exempt Organization, However Taxable Contributions To Be Used By Us Directly For The Proper Care Of These Animals Are Certainly Appreciated!!!
"Pug Pay"         

Currently All WTL Pug Adoptions Pups Through Adults & Rescues, Are Still Under Way Following A Very Strict Outdoors No Direct Contact Transaction... All Monies Transactions For The Time Being Must Be Via Pay Pal In Advance Directly Through Our Web Site... All Adoption Pug Health Care Dissertations Must For Now Be Orchestrated Prior To The Adoption Via Telephone In Lieu Of  The Standard Face To Face & In person... NO CHILDREN WHATSOEVER ALLOWED, At The Pug Transfer, Keep Them Home Where It's Safe!!!

Our Normal Comprehensive Emergency Evacuation & Pug Care Kits Temporarily Will Provide Only A Sample Food & Water Supply Because Too Many Of The Other Items Must Be Opened, Handled, & Organized By Us... For A Full List Of Contents Click The Link Below... It is HIGHLY Recommended That You Acquire These Items On Your Own Prior To The Adoption For Pugs Proper Care & Safety...

Our Comprehensive Pug Adoption Contract Docs & Pug Health Care Docs Will Continue To be Provided Both Via Email & Also Via Safely Handled Hard Copy At The Adoption...


Respectfully, ALL Initial Pug Adoption Inquiries Must Be Via Email Only
We Do Not Respond To Tele Calls Or Text, Thank You For Your Consideration
"Contact Us"


     As Far As WTl Is Aware To Date, from staying tuned in daily to the Local, NYS & Federal Govt's Mandates within our State, & also Various National News Media, Animal adoptions are fully allowed within our area, as long as the Human parties obviously practice common sense and safe social distancing, by following the current "CDC" safe social distancing guidelines, and especially much safer in an open environment while performing a brief indirect transaction... Also travel distance to and from the Adoption Locations is temporarily restricted to nearby areas by us, but thus far not prohibited or restricted by any Governing Authority, within our local region, again as far as we have heard thus far from any legitimate Health Care Professional, Governmental, or Law Enforcement source...
This policy may be altered, halted, etc, at any time in the future based on governing Law handed down by either our Federal, NY State, or Local Government Authorities Notice... WTL is certainly not anxious to promote the COVID-19 spread to either the public nor especially to ourselves... However as long as it is allowed and we take appropriate "CDC" recommended safety precautions,  WTL plans to move forward with Pug Adoptions as explained especially in order to move along the Rescue Pugs...
     Furthermore, according the "The Health Care Experts" such as the "CDC" and other Health Care Officials,  thus far at least, there are no verifiable reason to bear concern or suspect that pets can carry or transmit the COVID-19 Virus to or from Humans… World Wide, There has been one reported case thus far and experts are suspect that the test performed on the dog was not valid... You may find other less informed slightly varying opinions on the internet, all we can say is consider the source's expertise and credibility...

      WTL has always practiced a "No ship policy" for the safety & welfare of our Pugs, all adoptions must be as always, held in person in upstate NY and the New Adoptive Owner/s must be in attendance, not a friend, relative, or carrier service... Specifically under the current Coronavirus conditions, WTL will accommodate any distant adoptive parent's Pug adoptions by us traveling to meet you, nearby in your direction, within a 2-3 hour maximum radius... It is also important to note that from a travel safety aspect, the WTL Pug Ranch is also luckily located in St Lawrence County, far North of New York City, our State's current extremely distressing Coronavirus hot zone...

Please see the 2 links to the "CDC" along with several other experts opinions that we have been forwarded, web links directly below the U-Tube...


To All Our Health Care Workers, Govt Officials, Govt Agencies, Law Enforcement, Military, Businesses, Farmers, American People, American Workers, Etc...                              


Go 5Th Special Forces Group (HALO)

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