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  Three Doors Down    


                    Located In North & Central New York State 


     WTL is an extended private family of (4) generations, located throughout Central New York State in Schenectady County, Broome County, & St. Lawrence County at our Walk The Line dedicated private family homes and at the Walk The Line Farmstead ... We are Expert Hobby PureBreed Pug Breeders, Pug Health Caretakers, Private Pug Rescue, Trainer Of Pug Therapy Dogs, and The Home Of "The Original Ancient Chinese Heritage Pug Breed Preservationists"... We have since the year "2000" compiled hands on experience working with only PureBreed Pugs, which is predicated to and further learned on a daily basis by the research, studies, and practices of Pug Anatomy, Enhanced Pug Breeding, Pug Health Care, & Pug Therapy Dog Training.....

    We whelp, raise, train, & socialize all of our privately bred Pugs in our large family farm house and on the safe protected grounds of our private family Farmstead in the Thousand Islands farming region, of Northern, NY...  We have properly structured our Farmstead in order to provide our Pugs with the best of 24/7/365 Human attended housing, inside 2 large portions of our large farm house... One portion is for our adolescents & adults as their segregated bed & indoor recreation areas... The other portion is a large and very well equipped "kids Glove" room that is dedicated as our Dams Housing, Nursery, and Medical Care Area... None of our Pugs are ever segregated from our Human family in any type of other ambient building or harsh kennel type environment... Our Pugs are also provided a properly securely built outside sheltered kennel play area which consists of about 5 subdivided country acres for training, romp, & play, weather permitting... The Pugs are surrounded by a Pug Rich Family Atmosphere being that they are always among both Humans & other appropriate Pugs for companionship and socialism... Our Pug's mental and physical welfare is also enriched by having the benefit of constant 24/7/365 well experienced Human tended Pug general care taking, companionship, socialism, and most of all a steady routine of proper general health care, core & non core viral inoculations, parasite preventative medicines, and expedient emergency Veterinary medical care as is required...  

    Our small Private Pug Rescue which is also privately funded completely by the Walk The Line private family, is primarily for the rescue and re-homing of any of our already adopted Pugs if and when the need should arise for whatever reason... This is initially a separate location from our Pug Breeding & Training Farmstead for purpose of temporary quarantine, which is located in another one of our private related family homes in Southern, NY for reason of safety & outside disease prevention to our Breeding/Pet Pugs...  

   Walk The Line Pug Ranch orchestrates most of our Pug Puppy Adoptions to be held at the Farmstead unless it is of mutual benefit to and the Pug Adoptive Parents to be held elsewhere... Otherwise WTL does not really promote site visitations to our Farmstead, but we do restrictively allow them by appointment only... Site visits to our Ranch are very time consuming & costly to both us & you... Most of our Pug adoptive parents live a considerable distance, so one trip for the adoption is normally satisfactory & sufficient... Visits are also very disruptive to our daily operations in addition to being potentially dangerous to our Animals physical health via outside Virus exposure & also emotionally disruptive to their daily routine safe & secure atmosphere... Our much more "Modern Adoption Method" which is more commonly used today by most reputable Animal Breeders, is outlined in detail by going back up to our web site browser tabs & clicking on "Puppy Pre-Adopt" & "Adoption Itinerary"... Most of our Pug Adoptions for the past several years have been orchestrated by this method, all resulting with very happy Pug adoption families & a post adoption easy acclimation... If you click on our browser tab above labeled "Testimonials", you can read several previous Adoptive Parents comments of their Walk The Line Pug Adoption experience, and these Testimonials are REAL..!  However, for those still interested in a potential site visit, please scroll back up & click on the browser tab "Visitations" for details...     

   We show our Pugs only to serious responsible already contracted Pug Adoptive Parents or pre-qualified potential Pug adoptive Parent/s that have provided us their Pug Adoption Application and subsequently been approved... We simply do not have the time for selfish & ignorant "Tire Kickers" whom are simply over the counter price shopping and have no real concern for our Pugs safety, our busy schedule, or our personal privacy... You will not find a Pug anywhere that is a more socialized healthy quality bred Pug, as what we produce in the Walk The Line Breeding Program... We will occasionally also make case specific show arrangements either at the potential Pug adoptive parent's residence or another mutually agreed upon "Pug safe" location, somewhere in between, however a fee does apply... This is particularly to help accommodate those folks who are handicapped or can't travel very far for whatever reason...   



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The Saint Lawrence River, Chippewa Bay, NY (September, 2010) 


Walk The Line Pug Ranch

           North & Central NY State 

      Most Pug Adoptions Are To Be Held At Our Private Family Farmstead in St. Lawrence County, NY... All other potential visitations are provided only to pre-qualified Pug Adoption Applicants and already contracted Pug Adoptive Parents, by appt. only...

Hours Of Operation: 24 Hours Per Day / 7 Days Per Week / 365 Days Per Year 


Should any Adoptive Owner, their Vet, Caretakers, etc ever need us for any questions, advice, assistance, whatsoever, please contact us as soon as the need arises.


Immediate Response: Text Is Our Quickest High Priority Response; - Since We Are Very Active, Text Is Always At Hand….. Please Leave A Brief & We Will Call You Back Momentarily…..This Option Is Only Available To Our Already Pug Adoptive Parents.....

{TEXT IN EMERGENCY: (315) 317-9796}


Standard Response: Email Is Our Most Efficient Means Of Communication; – Please Leave A Brief Of Your Message Along With The Urgency And Your Preferred Response Contact Information, & We Will Contact You Back Accordingly…..



By Appt Only: Telephone Calls Are By Appt. Only; Please Go To The “Contact Us” Tab On Our Web Site To Schedule An Appt Or Send Us An Email…..







Singer Castle (Dark) Island St. Lawrence River, NY 
                                                                 NYS Regional Map


                                        ST LAWRENCE RIVER, SCENE FROM ALEXANDRIA BAY, NY {Sept, 2014}              

                                             ST LAWRENCE RIVER, SCENE FROM SINGER (DARK) ISLAND 
                                    ST LAWRENCE RIVER, SCENE FROM ALEXANDRIA BAY, NY {Sept, 2010}

                                                                  THE INFAMOUS ST. LAWRENCE RIVER "MUSKIE"

                                      ST LAWRENCE RIVER, SCENE FROM ALEXANDRIA BAY, NY {Sept, 2014} 

                                             AERIAL VIEW OF BOLDT CASTLE INCLUDING THE BOAT HOUSE

                                                    CHIPPEWA BAY, THE ORIGINAL DOCK STORE & BAIT SHOP

                                                            THE AMERICAN SPAN OF THE 1000 ISLANDS BRIDGE

                                                  CEDAR ISLAND, THE 2ND BOAT DOCK LOCATION (APPX. 1990) 


                                                                     BOLDT CASTLE VIEW FROM ALEXANDRIA BAY