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Walk The Line Pug Ranch

     Typically plans on Breeding for up to (2-3) litters annually, however for various reason sometimes there are less... These are via one of our few active privately owned WTL Dams that are properly physically readied, mentally prepared & qualified for proper responsible Pug Breeding, that are then appropriately matched with one of our couple active Pug Breeding Sires... This amount is what we find that our private extended family is able to properly handle responsibly & also successfully find good qualifying adoptive homes for, in addition to all of our life's responsibilities... The Sires & Dams of ours that we use for Breeding, are properly DNA matched & are the very healthiest & well prepared both mentally & physically... Through "2019" our Breeding Sires & Dams have been DNA tested for Orthopedic & Mixed Soft Tissue defects by one of our privately chosen Veterinary facilities. Going forward, we will continue to on occasion use our own privately chosen Veterinarians, and we will also be using the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals to perform these tests on our Breeding Sires & Dams... We also use a very well proven healthy & properly DNA matched "Breeding Method" (described in detail under the browser tab "Breeding Method")... We learned our "Breeding Method" several years ago, from a close friend in China who's family have been Pug Breeders for many generations... All of our Pugs are whelped, raised, & provided for in a very socialized portion of our properly constructed Farm house... They play, exercise, & are trained outside (weather permitting), in a very safely constructed (5 acre) portion of our (100 acre) Farmstead... All of our Pugs are provided with 24/7 Health Care by our well trained family expert & also with as is properly required or additionally needed routine &/or emergency Veterinary care... All of our Pugs maintain a 24/7 healthy regimen of Human & Pug socialism, exercise, proper Pug Canine diet, proper ambient conditions, etc... All of our Pug puppies are extremely well socialized with their Human caretakers and their mom from birth...  They are kept socialized as much as possible with the mother until at least (8 weeks) of age when it then becomes unsafe to the Dam's Health to continue... All of our Pug puppies are hand nursed several times daily by us assisting with the mothers and often including bottle support, from birth through weaning @ appx. (4 weeks)... After the pups have weaned from mom and up until appx. (8 weeks) of age, the pups are continued to be hand fed by us 2-4 times per day as appropriately required... At the last stage of nutrition weaning from (8 weeks) and then afterwards, the pups are left to feed on their own, however under constant guarded supervision by us... Finally somewhere normally between the ages of (10-12 weeks), the pups nutritional, hydration, & emotional weaning is typically complete and barring any other various or weaning or set backs, the pups are now readily prepared for adoption take home... Etc...




     The Private Family Of WALK THE LINE PUG RANCH, With Great Pride, Maintains An Excellent Reputation Since Our Onset In The Year "2000",


  As Being A Well Recognized & Responsible Pure Breed Pug Health Care Expert, An Outstanding Pure Breed Pug Breeder, A Therapy Pug Dog Trainer, A Private Pug Caretaker, & Small Private Pug Rescue..... WTL Has Succeeded Over The Years To Earn An Impeccable Record Of Orchestrating Many Very Successful Healthy Life Long Pug Adoptions, Throughout The North East United States.....


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     Pugs are WTL'S main focus, however since we are a Farmstead & an Animal activist, we also perform other Farm Animal activities:..

  WTL Breeds, Raises, Rescues, Trains, & Adopts out Mini Horses for the specific purpose of being used as Service & Therapy Animals for Mentally or Physically Handicapped Children;.. WTL's extended 4 generation private family has been Breeding & Maintaining various Horse Breeds including White Race Horse Stallions since the 1950's;.. In the early 2000's the WTL family actually acquired from John Wayne's estate one of his previously owned Ranches in Northern Pa. where he had once also raised white Stallions;..
  WTL when they are made available, rescues larger Horse Breeds, nurses them back to Health as necessary, trains or retrains them for a working purpose;.. Then afterwards we either put them to work on the WTL Farmstead or  we re-home them into appropriate other Farm, Ranching, or Buggy Horse working purposes;.. 
  WTL Breeds & Raises Milk Goats for our own private uses of their various Milk products & for their various purpose of performing other Farm working duties;.. 
  WTL when they are made available, rescues to be discarded baby Bull Calves & Heifer Calves from Adult Dairy Cow Heifers;.. We then raise & re-home the Bulls to appropriate working duties and the Heifers to appropriate milking duties in the Dairy Industry;..

  WTL when they are made available, rescues various other Ruminants such as Sheep, and various Camelids such as Alpacas and Llamas;.. Then afterwards we either put them to work on the WTL Farmstead or we re-home them into appropriate other Farm or Ranching working purposes;.. 


   WTL does NOT use or re-home any of our Farm Animals for anything other then for working purposes;.. We are against Animal consumption & do not consume or raise for consumption any of the various small Farm Animals that we work with, only the Goats for Milk;.. All of our Farm Animals are Rescued, Bred, Trained, & Maintained solely as either Farm/Ranch workers, Farm/Ranch Companions, or both...


   WTL also produces as much of our own Hay & other feed crops annually as is possible, for our own Animals consumption... 

   On the side, we raise our family, LOL


                    This Is How,

           "WE WALK THE LINE"



     The WTL Primary Mission Is To Preserve The Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage..... This Is In Order to Progressively Enhance The Once Strong Healthy & Desired Traits Inherit Within The Pure Pug Breed, While At The Same Time Continually Lessen & Eliminate The Non Desirable Unhealthy Traits & Immune Deficiencies That The Pug Breed Has Developed, Due To Many Years Of Mixed Mutt Breeding & Puppy Mill Breeding..... Sadly, This Has Been Done By Many Others Here In The United States, Solely For Profit & With No Concern For The Welfare Of The Pug Breed..... Contrarily, We Practice A Very Selectively Unique Pure Pug Breeding Method That Was Originally Developed In Ancient China, In Order To Produce The Most Possible Healthy Modern Version Of The Pure Pug Breed As We Recognize It To Be In Today's World..... This We Do With Great Passion & Responsibility On A Very Limited Quantity Basis, In Order To Present Awesome Healthy Pugs That Are Eagerly Willing & Able To Bring Many Years Of Love & Joy To Deserved Families & The Loyal Assistance & Therapy That Pugs Bring To Handicapped & Elderly People..... For A Detailed Description Of Our "Breeding Method", Please Scroll Up To The Browser Tab "Pugs Of Distinction".....      

     WALK THE LINE'S Universal Pug Breed Efforts Are:..... Preservation Of The Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage; Extensive Pug Anatomy, Genetics & Health Care Research; Pug Mating, Breeding, Whelping, & Aftercare; Pug Therapy Dog Training As Assistance Companions For Handicapped & Elderly People; Pug Family Household Companion Adoption & Pug Therapy Dog Adoption; Private Pug Breed Rescue Efforts & Humane Society Assistance..... 

                THANK YOU!

                                                   WALK THE LINE PUG RANCH


Private Reputable Pure Breed Pug Breeder / Caretaker / Trainer / Rescue / Genetics / Health Care / Etc. 


     WTL consists of a very responsible and well educated private extended family with households located primarily in Central NYS and a Farmstead which is located in Upstate NY... The WTL "Pug Ranch" active family members have collectively  compiled a comprehensive background of knowledge in the studies & research of Pure Breed Pug Genetics, Breeding, Training, Nutrition, Socialism, Health Care, & Veterinary Medicine... We have proudly implemented our knowledge & experience diligently in the private practices as a Pure Breed Pug Breeder / Caretaker / Trainer / Rescue, Etc. on a daily basis since "2000"... The extended private WTL family includes active, retired, and some since deceased family members of which some are/were a (DVM), a (PHD & College Professor in Chemistry), an (MD), a (Vet Tech), several various level (School & Collegiate Teachers), several various (Military including: Regular Army, Green Berets & Army Rangers Special Forces, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, since WWI to date), a (Private Corporation Owner), an (Electronic Engineer) and a (Lawyer) ... Although most were never members of the active WTL "Pug Ranch", many have been and some still are invaluable to the active WTL "Pug Ranch" as Mentors... We have also worked along with many (privately hired (DVM'S), Vet Technicians and various other Veterinary trained individuals & Animal Caretakers over the course since "2000"... We have various private hired (DVM'S) and several other various internet Veterinary trained/learned sources which we currently work with as often as is required... This all said, we have enough  background, training, knowledge, support, and experience where we can safely say that

        "One Pug Plus One Pug Equals Two Pugs" !!!


     All of our work is always focused on maintaining the preservation of The Original Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage... Our Pug Genetics studies focus is on the practice of promoting the Healthy Immune Sufficient desired characteristics that are inherit within the Ancient Pure Breed Pug DNA, while eliminating the less desirable frailties that are now within the Pug Breed which have developed over the years from those whom carelessly Breed Mixes, Mutts, Hybrids, & Puppy Mill for profit... Our Pug Pups Are of a Premium Quality due to our proper Breeder DNA match ups, our "Breeding Method", the incredible amount of time that we spend with our litters and Dams post birth in feeding, playing, socializing, etc... We do not "Breed In" and we do not "Breed Out" in order to ensure to keep our Blood Lines clean, pure, disease free, and genetically healthy & stable... Once properly Bred, Weaned, & Medically, Mentally & Physically prepared, our Pug pups are then readied & offered selectively to only qualifying loving family homes as Companions and/or already trained by us and offered to qualifying homes as Human Therapy Dogs 




For a full dissertation on our Pure Breed Pug Breeding Method, please see the browser tab;



     We only work with premium healthy quality Pure Breed Pugs which are drawn only from our own privately developed now 9th Pug generation unparalleled Pug Breeding Program... We Breed for Health & Quality, NOT for quantity! Hence we Breed for only a small quantity of pups annually to a carefully selected few of our different appropriately Healthy quality properly prepared Dams, & one of our proper Physically & Genetically matched properly prepared Breeding Sires... However, since we are a Breeder, a Human Therapy Dog Trainer, & a small Private Pug Rescue, a General Pug Activist, & we are also very selective in our adoption process, we normally have some older pups, adolescents, &/or adults that are available for adoptions as Companions to qualifying family homes.

For full dissertation on our older Pugs, see the browser tab;



      We provide all of our Pugs the ultimate in general Health Care, plenty of Socialism with various aged Humans & various aged Pugs, Routine Exercise in & out of doors, Premium quality Nutrition, etc... All are Bred & Raised "Under Foot" in & on our private family Farmstead... They are kept under 24/7/365 supervision & in specially constructed indoor & outdoor "Pug beneficial" combined for socialism Human/Pug areas within our Farmstead or one of our other private family residences... We also have a long well established large network of NYS licensed Veterinarians (Including Cornell University Animal Clinic), that regimentally administer all of our Pugs proper preventative Vetting & whatever additional Health Care Vetting is required as it happens. This is also supported by our on farmstead retired Family Vet Tech. 


     All of our Pug Adoptions include: A Healthy Quality Pure Bred Pug; An Amicably Beneficial Fair & Legal Pug Adoption Contract; (3) stage Health Guarantees; All Vetting UTD; An At Adoption Pug Health Care Dissertation; 5 Year Congenital Defect Guarantee; Taste Of The Wild Food Starter, 15 pounds; AKC Registration papers; The WTL Comprehensive Take Home Hard Copy & On Line Combination Pug Health Care Guide; Lifetime Free Membership To Our Comprehensive Pug Health Care Orientated Web Site, which is updated & added to almost daily; Lifetime Of the Pug Free 24/7/365 Health Care assistance & Advice;

For a full dissertation on what our Pug Adoptions include, see the browser tab above; 


Other Options Also Available: IE: Registration; Micro-Chipping; In Person Only Delivery; Spay/Neuter (performed by one of our privately hired NYS licensed DVM'S); Etc...   








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