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Hello Walk The Line Pug Adoption Parents Welcome To Our Pug Loving Family.

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Welcome,Walk The Line's Pug Adoptive Parents


We at Walk The Line Pug Ranch have been whelping, raising, and care taking for PureBreed Pugs for over (13) years now, on a very small private, yet very professional & well educated hobby scale... We have grown our Ancient Chinese Pug PureBreed Preservation, and Pug Caretakers Team from one individuals, DragonMaster's, into a comprehensive &  combined family effort... We all put forth at least a part time daily individual contribution, towards our combined families very dedicated efforts into General PureBreed Pug Healthcare and the overall healthy well being in the breeding of, and preservation of, the original Ancient Chinese PureBreed Pug Heritage... This we consistantly accomplish by breeding, whelping, training, and raising healthy quality PureBreed Pugs, and then selectively placing them as hopefully life long private family pet companions &/or professional capacities, into proper qualifying "Pug Loving Homes"... We also voluntarily assist other Pug related Associations in the general homeless and lost Pug Care taking and sheltering efforts, within and around our private Communities, however we are able.

Over the years we have received many unsolicited testimonials regarding our various Pug Breeding and related preservation efforts... These we have received from many of our Pug adoptive parents and various other Pug Breeding and Preservation Comrades, via e-mail, letter, gifts, verbally, etc... (ThankYou All!) We have never had reason until now, to publish any of these testimonials or use them in any way for any sort of public benefit or recognition whatsoever, only for our own gratitude.

However we, are recently realizing that we would like to excel our excellent Pug Breeding and preservation reputation into a State-wide perhaps even a Nation-wide reknowned recognition as a Responsible PureBreed Pug Breeder and Preservationist of healthy quality PureBreed Pugs... In this, we endeavor to persevere! Hence, we are realizing that these Testimonial in recognition of our dedication, along with our Comprehensive Pug Health Care Orientated Web Site, Past Pug Adoption Referrals, Professional references, etc. are all valuable reputation and recognition commodities which are necessary in order to achieve our goals and in turn continue to expand our overall Pug knowledge to better benefit the Pug Breed however we are able.

In summary: Walk The Line is herein soliciting "Testimonial" from anyone whom has of recent or any time during the past, had any dealings in any capacity what so ever with our Pug Loving Family, that would care to please comment about your exprerience with us.

Please If You Would: Include Your Name or Screen Name, Your City, Your State, Your Occupation/s, A Description and Appx. Date/s of Your Association or Connection With

Walk The Line Pug Ranch.

It is our sincere hope that combined with any of your assistance regarding this matter, that it will better enable us to achieve our "Ancient Chinese Heritage PureBreed Pug Preservation Mission", and continue to dedicate our best efforts into proper breeding genetics in order to continue to enhance the positive characteristics amongst our original Chinese & American PureBreed bloodlines, while also continuing to eliminate the genetic frailties that are inherit amongst the Pug Breed.....





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Quotes Hello, we just want to say THANK YOU WALK THE LINE! We had pre-adopted a baby Pug from WTL back in June, 2012. We picked her up in early August and she is absolutely wonderful! They kept us updated weekly with text & pics as our baby Pug matured in the nest. WTL has also been a very knowledgable source of Pug health care information & advice. Our whole adoption experience with Walk The Line has been fantastic! We would recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful and healthy Pug! Quotes
Cindy & Carl S
Happy Pug Parents

Quotes "Murphy" our new Pug (August, 2012) has been an absolute pleasure. He is feisty, loves to play, jump and run around, and sleeps extremely well for a new puppy. He generally sleeps for 6-7 hours during the day and about 8 hours at nightime, no fuss. We notified WTL that Murphy had some diarrhea about a week after we had picked him up because we gave him some treats that our Vet said would be ok. We followed WTL'S directions, and it subsided within the one day. Murphy has also been approved by our Vet after a general check up, heart worm pill, and follow up booster shots as WTL had advised. Overall, we really have enjoyed our experience with Walk The Line, and have not and will not hesitate to contact them if we have ANY questions, as they have advised. Thanks so much! Quotes
Michelle & Eric
Adoptive Parents

Quotes Hi, We are the happy owners of Paulie. We had previously owned two pugs. However, purchasing a pug from Walk The Line was a unique experience. The WTL family were extremely helpful in selecting a dog that would be right for our family. They were literally there for us from day one with answers to our questions. More importantly, the photo gallery was great. Constant photos of Paulie's development were priceless. It made us feel like parents of a new born baby. The care exhibited by Walk The Line was exceptional. When Paulie arrived, you could tell that he had a lot of human contact. WTL was there for all of our questions during the whole process as well as after. Paulie is quite the personality and has brought a lot of happiness to our household. We love our pug. ToWalk The Line, thanks again for everything; especially the care you have given to Paulie. Lori, Michael,Shannon, Shane & PAULIE Quotes
Lori & Michael

Quotes The family at Walk The Line have been great to work with. We are the proud owners of a black male, Nico. WTL worked with us right from the beginning to help us find a puppy that would fit our lifestyle and our needs. WTL is very knowledgeable and took the time to really talk with us about what qualities we were looking for. Walk The Line's family was always available to answer email questions promptly. Once we met Nico, we fell in love! He's a great little guy who is playful and energetic. WTL was especially invaluable when after 4 days with Nico we had an unfortunate eye injury. The WTL family went above and beyond and offered us immediate advice and helped us care for Nico until his eye healed. We are happy to say Nico is feeling much better and it could not have been without the WTL family! I would not hesitate to recommend dealing with Walk The Line if you are searching for a top quality, healthy pug. Thank you! Quotes
Marisa and Bob
Very happy parents

Quotes We were looking for a young female black pug to be a companion for our 5-year-old black male pug. Walk The Line helped us find the perfect lady pug for our family. Ebony is smart and beautiful with a happy face and happy wagging tail. She has transitioned nicely from her former pug paradise home with WTL to her new one in New Paltz, NY. She's even working at our B&B with our male pug as a greeter for our guests. We look forward to watching Ebony grow and blossom in the years to come. Thank you WTL for your care, concern, and perfectly bred pugs! We would highly recommend your pugs!! Kathy Drew Quotes
Ebony's Happy Family in New Paltz

Quotes We are the proud family who now have a wonderful little guy named Rufus....He came to us from Walk The Line and we couldn't be happier with the choice that we made. He is very happy and healthy and everyone involved at every level of our adoption was the most caring and commited people. They take the time to get to know you and your circumstances before adoption and are most helpful through every process. I have bought pure bred dogs before, and have talked to lots of breeders, but i have never gotten the attentiveness before, during and after the process as with WTL. Thank you so much for our beautiful boy, who has become a special part of our family. Thanks all for making the process so very wonderful. Laurie Quotes
one happy family

Quotes Hi my name is Beth and my family just adopted our fourth Pug named Stanley! This is our first experience with Walk The Line and it was truely AWESOME! I never thought that we would find another pug lover like ourselves. The WTL team treat their pugs like family. Their support througout the adoptive process in un-believable. We have made a friend for life! Quotes
Adoptive Mom

Quotes We are so lucky to have Otis. My 13 year old son said, "mom, Otis completes our family" . My friend, Barb (Jade's grandma) referred us to Walk The Line when we wanted to adpot a pug. I was so impressed with the process for adopting a Pug from them. They are so caring and thorough, and they truly love these babies! In fact, they told Otis that they love him when saying goodbye to him and then handed him to us. It was a precious moment. We know Otis came from a loving family, NOT a random breeder. My children and I are in love with Otis and we are so grateful to the Walk The Line team. We communicate regularly and WTL is always there & genuinely concerned with how Otis is doing. If there is ever a question from "should we immunize for this? " or "I'm still having trouble house training", they are quick to respond with a very thoughtful approach based upon your families scenario and lifestyle. I feel grateful to be truly supported in raising Otis. Thank you Quotes

Quotes Hello Walk The Line family. Everything is going great with us and Kelly. Kelly is my best friend and she goes everywhere with me that I am able to take her of course. She is so loving and so good around children. She is either always running around with our pastor's Yorkie or they just hang out on my lap together. I love the web site and all of the info that you have on it is wonderful. Thank you for the web site it is so awesome so that we can keep in touch with each other and I can learn from all of the info that you have on it. Thank you for all you have done. Quotes
Kelly's Loving Dad

Quotes We are new parents of a currently 12 week old pug. We have had dogs before - they were larger in size, but not larger in personality and joy. Our guy is really a lot of fun - Walk The Line has been very helpful throughout the process and continue to keep in touch. They are truly interested in their pugs and their owners being happy and healthy. This is obviously a labor or love for their entire family! I would highly recommend Walk The Line for anyone looking for a pug to add to their family. Quotes
George Powers