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Hello Pug Inquirers,


                 Walk The Line looks forward to the opportunity to assist you.


   This Form is provided for brief initial Pug adoption inquiries, and also for our already Adopted Pugs Parents most expedient assistance convenience.../ Before proceeding below, if you are already prepared to apply towards a potential Pug Adoption, then please click on the following link which will take you directly to our Pug Adoption Application.../  Please read the instructions therein carefully, fill out & submit the strictly held confidential information form which provides us what we require in order to properly assist you towards a  mutually beneficial & enjoyable potential Pug adoption experience.../



Thank You!


     Our main endeavor is to preserve in the overall promotion in all aspects of the PureBred Pug Breed and the preservation of it's Original Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Heritage.../ By doing so, we have been successfully throwing forward a stronger and healthier bred Pug with each generation... With over (20) years practice/experience in the Breeding, Whelping, Raising, and most all other aspects of Pure Breed Pug Healthcare, Sheltering, Therapy Dog Training, and most all other General Pug Care, we are confidently sure to be able to most educatedly assist you.../

Our Web Site: WALKTHELINEPUGRANCH.ORG  &  E-Mail: WALKTHELINEPUGRANCH@OUTLOOK.COM are monitored (24) hours a day, (7) days a week, (365) days a year.../ This service we provide "free of charge" directed towards any assistance of our already Adopted Pugs that we are able to provide.../ We will respond in as timely a manner as is requested case specific, towards any Pug Health Care Assistance needs (of our already adopted Pugs).../



Respectfully, Due To Time Constraints, All other General Pug Informational questions and initial Pug Adoption Inquiries will be responded to as soon as we are able, and only after either the form below or our "Pug Adoption Application Form" have been completed in entirety and submitted.../

Respectfully, also Please be advised that if neither form has been properly filled out and provided us that we do not respond to any other initial form of anonymous telephone or email inquiries from first time inquiriers, due to our lack of time to spend on Spam & Non Serious Inquiries.../





~ For Our Adoptive Parents Only ~    Regarding One Of Our Already Adopted Pugs Health Or General care Needs..,

1) Most Expeditious Response (Within 5-10 Minutes):

Please Text Us Directly At: (315) 317-9796

2) Secondary Response (Within 2-4 Hours)

Please Email Us Directly At: walkthelinepugranch@outlook.com


~ For All Other New Inquirers ~ 

1) For All New Inquiries With Quick/Brief Questions Regarding Any General Pug Questions, Which We Are Normally Able To Respond to  (Within 24 Hours), Please Fill Out The Short Form Below (In It's Entirety) And Then Click "Submit".../

2) To Additionally Request A Scheduled Telephone Discussion, (We Schedule These Only By Appt. In Advance For Monday-Saturday  8pm - 11pm), Please Check That Box Also On The Form Below And Provide Us Your Next Few Days Time Frame Options And Telephone Number At Which We Can Contact You.../ In Order For You To Please Be Prepared For Our Incoming Call, We Would Be Contacting In Advance Via E-mail And Providing You An Appt. Day/Time.../ Our #: (315) 317-9796 .../ Be Sure To Leave Us Your Full Name, Town, State, Email Address, & Telephone Number...

3) For Any Serious Inquiries Regarding A Potential Pug Adoption Whom Are Already Prepared To Apply Towards A Potential Pug Adoption, Please Click The Following Link To Our "Adoption Apply" Page, Fill Out And Submit The Information Form.../ Prior To Any Long Involved Conversation Regarding A Potential Pug Adoption, This Form Must Be Submitted.../ Once We Receive The Form We Try To Normally Respond With At Least A Confirmation That Same Day Late Evening,

Thank You.../                                WALKTHELINEPUGRANCH.ORG/ADOPTIONAPPLY






Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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The Submission Form Above Must Be Filled Out In It's Entirety Otherwise It Will Not Submit!!!

Please Rest Assured that any personal or private information that is provided, is only privy to Walk The Line. Your Information will be kept strictly confidential and used by us solely for the benefit of responding to the Inquirers request. 

 COMMUNICATIONS:  WTL is an active farmstead under operation 24/7/365... Accordingly we are always extremely busy... In order that you know when to normally expect return correspondence, our Communications window for routine Emails and/or Tele conversations is mostly conducted after 8 PM and late night, 7 days a week... All Pug related General Health Care Questions and "Free Emergency Advice" towards our adopted Pugs, (Emails only, not Tele calls) are responded to immediately 24/7/365...  Please be sure to leave us an Email & Tele # to respond to....Thank You! WTL

DISCLAIMER: Walk The Line Pug Ranch nor any of it's representatives are licensed in the practice of Veterinary Medicine... However, we have studied it extensively and we do offer our educated opinion towards our adopted Pugs on "Free Pug Health Care & General Assistance &/or Advice", to those fortunate to listen... Our Pug Health Care Knowledge is supported by our (13) years learned experience acquired and developed while working with our Pugs along side their many licensed Veterinary Health Care Providers, in addition to our own comprehensive studies, familiarities, and experiences with Veterinary Medicine & providing overall Purebreed Pug General Health Care... WTL provides this information "free of charge" in our Email & Tele Correspondence, in our Pug Adoption Contract Documents, & throughout our Comprehensive Pug Health Care Orientated Web Site... The other best sources of General & Specific Pug Health Care can be found by Educatedly selecting proper resources that are available via the internet, consulting with Cornell University which is located in Ithaca, NY, (607) 235-3060, and of course by consulting with your own privately chosen licensed Veterinarians... WTL cannot control Nature; We cannot enforce people to read the Comprehensive Pug Health Care Information that we provide; We cannot control how any of our advice is interpreted or comprehended; Whether our advice is used timely and applied correctly, incorrectly, or even at all..! For these and any other reasons whatsoever WTL is to be held completely harmless from whatever the outcome from any Pug Adoptive Parent or other individual not seeking our timely help as advised, or by the improper application of any "Free Pug Health Care Assistance &/or Advice" as is provided by WTL, any of our representatives, or by any other WTL recommended source... 

Thank You for your Pug Query!



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